Fagan Ducks Vote to Hold Sex Offenders Accountable

Fagan Ducks Vote to Hold Sex Offenders Accountable

In one of the most startling and cowardly moves this session, Shemia Fagan hid-out to avoid taking a vote that protects children from sexual abuse by public employees.

From the press release sent out by the House Republicans:

Presently, the statute of limitations for victims to bring a civil suit against public employees for sexual abuse is only two years, compared to a much longer statute of limitation for victims to seek restitution against an abuser who was employed in a private organization.

Unbelievably, a victim of sexual abuse has a two-year window to bring a civil suit when their abuser is a public employee (represented by unions that fund Shemia Fagan’s political campaigns). This bill would have closed the loophole that the Department of Justice testified would affect 20 victims per year. From the press release:

The most damning testimony came from the Department of Justice who quantified an additional 20 victims per year would come forward if this legislation passed.

When the bill was pulled to the floor of the House, Fagan was nowhere to be found. She arrived fashionably late just after the vote and her Democratic leadership covered it up by marking her “excused for house business.” She had no committees or work groups at the time that would have trumped her responsibilities on the House Floor.

All but three of her Democrat colleagues voted against the bill, in order to protect their union-supported public employees who commit horrific sexual attacks on children like the recent one in Sherwood and Oregon City.

One of those yes votes was Fagan’s fellow Freshman Legislator Ben Unger – who held his vote until everyone else had cast theirs. Seeing that the bill would be defeated anyway, he voted yes to avoid taking the unpopular position of the rest of his colleagues. Fagan went with a different approach, and did as she does best  – not show up.