Fagan: Again Taking Credit for Someone Else’s Work

Fagan: Again Taking Credit for Someone Else’s Work

Today, the Oregonian reported that the long-debated Tolbert overpass is going to be a reality. The overpass would re-open a connection proposed to be closed when phase 1 of the sunrise corridor comes in 2015, which currently connects businesses like Oregon Iron Works to the Milwaukie Expressway. The design consideration was a result of a lawsuit filed by affected business owners, ODOT and Clackamas County. However, that didn’t stop Shemia Fagan from taking credit for it, and even filing a bill to make it look like she was somehow involved.

About 25 business owners in the area sued ODOT at the beginning of April, demanding that some connection be included in construction. The lawsuit included emails from ODOT officials and OBEC Consulting Engineers discussing the feasibility of the overpass or a connection to 82nd Drive, calling it “highly political.”

However, the crossing never got off the ground because of the $21 million price tag and three-year time estimate to build it.

So, when bids for the segment came in lower than estimated, ODOT officials suggested using the surplus to build the Tolbert Overpass. The letter said if Clackamas County commissioners wanted to make the deal, the agreement could be finished in the next few weeks.

The ODOT letter says no legislation is necessary to move forward. However, after meeting with concerned county commissioners, Reps. Shemia Fagan, D-Clackamas, and Brent Barton, D-Oregon City, introduced a bill that would require the same steps as suggested, if passed.

So with no bill necessary, Fagan is again orchestrating the political theater she did with the tragic death of a young girl, the ridiculous “effort” to fund City of Portland sidewalks with State Capitol Construction budget (which isn’t allowed), and now writing a bill to take credit for a transportation accommodation that’s already a matter of record. Maybe next she’ll introduce a bill to give women the right to vote, or maybe end slavery? That way we can give her the proper kudos.