Fagan’s Clumsy Political Flip Flop Draws Attention

Today, The Oregon Catalyst reported on the “progress” that Shemia Fagan has made on her doomed priority bill to exempt voter registration of minors from public disclosure. We reported on her “change of heart” after voting against a Republican proposal to do just that.

From The Oregon Catalyst:

HB 3493 did not receive a work session prior to today’s deadline. Any bills that haven’t already received hearings or work session before the deadline are essentially dead – going nowhere. This bill of Rep. Fagan’s is one of them.

This bill and hearing are an obvious attempt by Rep. Fagan to play CYA – because she realizes that her vote on March 26th was a bad vote.

Translation: Fagan used a valuable priority bill that could have been used to help her constituents with sidewalk funding, addressed public safety issues like human trafficking or helped our schools – to instead provide her political cover for making your children’s contact information available to political advocacy organizations. She relies on The Bus Project and other organizations that use children as door-to-door canvassers – for re-election.

The only thing her priority bill is a priority for – is her re-election campaign.