“I voted for it after I voted against it”

“I voted for it after I voted against it”

Today, Fagan flip-flopped faster than Representative Parrish’s famous floor footwear.

Shortly after Following Fagan pointed out the party-line vote House Democrats made to make your children’s personal information available to anyone who asked – Fagan dropped a bill that matches the Republican proposal to protect their privacythe same bill she voted against.

So why the change of heart? Why was it such a bad idea when it came from Republicans that she couldn’t vote for it, but she is now championing the issue?

Maybe she realized that giving your children’s information to high-pressure political activists and campaign recruiters was repugnant – although her campaign benefits from the work of the Bus Project and others that leverage the participation of children. Or maybe she just realized that voting against it would look bad on a campaign postcard. Probably the latter.

One thing is clear: The “independent thinking” Shemia Fagan will ultimately vote how she’s told by Speaker Kotek. To Fagan, the idea was a bad one last week as a Republican concept, but good this week as her own. Maybe next week she’ll drop a bill to repeal Tuition Equity.