The Oregonian is also Following Fagan!

It seems that we’ve rattled somebody’s cage! In a blog post today, Jeff Mapes published a story about our efforts in following Salem’s most absent and troubled State Rep.

Fagan calls this “negative campaigning” in the article – although we’re 20 months away from the next election. While the Legislature is in session, it’s reasonable to expect accountability from our elected officials by calling them out when they don’t show up for work, or show up unprepared.

This blog is about discussing the performance of an elected official outside of the campaign cycle. And while here at we talk about real issues and link to supportive documents, Fagan’s “high road” approach has been to run things like this at the domain This is in sharp contrast to the legitimate criticisms we’re making on this site.

The bottom line is that HD 51 is now being represented by a scattered, left-wing ideologue who is chronically absent. Mapes seemed to defend the fact that she had missed two entire days of floor votes, but didn’t mention the committee hearings she’s missed on top of it. It’s a problem, and voters need to know about it.

So far, all Shemia Fagan has contributed to in the Legislature has been her constant promotion of her March Madness Bracket – which has so far been her most effective floor speech. I understand she’s currently ranked #2. Hopefully, that’s exactly the position she’ll be in 20 months from now.