Fagan goes against Sheriffs, expands unions.

Fagan goes against Sheriffs, expands unions.

Today, Shemia Fagan voted to include supervisory public safety employees in collective bargaining units.

The Oregon Sheriffs Association issued this statement regarding HB2418:

The new standard will force some Sheriffs to shift a historically successful command structure to comply with
the new standard. Complying with this bill could be very costly to Sheriffs regardless of the size of the office.
The practical problem HB 2418-A will create is mixing traditionally recognized supervisory employees into a
bargaining unit where they could potentially supervise someone who also holds a leadership position in the
union which could create significant issues regarding lines of authority and a clear command structure.

But Fagan’s appetite for bigger government and more public employees was apparently larger than the voices of our public safety officials. Fagan was one of 37 in the Legislature who voted to complicate and challenge the command structure of our law enforcement agencies.

And who supported it? The very public employee unions that funded Fagan’s election.

So the next time there’s a shooting, bombing or other emergency in our city, we can expect our public safety officials to do their best as always – but the response will be a little more confused … Thanks to Shemia Fagan.