What’s the sign for “Fail?”

What’s the sign for “Fail?”

Shemia Fagan carried her first bill on the Floor of the Oregon House today. She read her argument for the bill’s passage from her iPhone before cleverly using sign language to end her statement. This seemed appropriate given the bill was about American Sign Language.

House bill 2757 forces statewide education assessments to include sign language as one of their delivery mechanism for the test.

When Rep. Dennis Richardson (R) rose to ask why we would need to translate a test that is already presented in writing on a computer screen … Fagan fell apart. A worried committee administrator could be seen dashing across the floor of the house to help Fagan as she collapsed into her chair, unable to answer the common-sense question.

Her solution? After about a minute of stalling, she admitted that she didn’t know and asked Richardson to ask someone who does. Rep. Sara Gelser (D) came to her aid with a preposterous explanation that sign language is independent of the written word. Strange, given the tests are designed to evaluate reading comprehension.

Maybe if Fagan spent as much time studying the bills as she spends on Facebook, she would have been able to articulate why she thinks reading tests shouldn’t be in writing.