Fagan plays politics with tragedy

Fagan plays politics with tragedy

Today, Shemia Fagan (D) issued a press release demanding the City of Portland restore sidewalk funding after the tragic death of a child who was killed by a motorist. Restoring funding for needed sidewalks has been perpetually advocated for by former East Portland Representatives Jefferson Smith (D) and Patrick Sheehan (R). What’s despicable is Fagan’s exploitation of this event to advance her political career.

Conspicuously absent from the letter is Senator Chuck Thomsen (R), who represents the area in which the tragedy occurred, and is Fagan’s own Senator. All ten signatures on the letter authored by Fagan are Democrats.  Several insiders at the capitol say that Fagan plans to run against Senator Thomsen in 2014.

So did Fagan give Senator Thomsen the opportunity to sign the letter, despite the fact that it occurred in his Senate district? Nope.

Fagan deliberately excluded a concerned legislator from the letter to make her presumptive opponent in 2014 look bad. Shameful.

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